Top 6 Reasons to Migrate to Microsoft Cloud

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The forecast for the future of computing is decidedly cloudy with more and more companies seeing for themselves the benefits of moving to Cloud computing. Here’s Pink Chalk’s top six reasons for migrating to the cloud: 1. It’s flexible Businesses are increasingly needing to provide a 24/7 presence whilst balancing more demands from workers for

How to Prevent Ransomware

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When it comes to protecting your business from cybercrime including ransomware, two famous sayings come to mind: Prevention is better than cure Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Organisations must plan ahead for preventing ransomware attacks, and put contingency plans and backups in place should a data breach occur. Even if you already have

5 Signs you Need to Invest in new Hardware

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Replacing hardware can be quite costly, many people put it off for as long as possible. However, running a business with failing hardware can be even more problematic. Not only does it slow systems down and affect productivity, but outdated hardware can also be susceptible to malware and viruses, making it a security threat. If

In-House IT VS Outsourced IT Support

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IT is such a fundamental part of any business, which is why it needs to be managed effectively. Most SMEs have two choices; they can create an in-house IT department, or hire one technician if the company is small enough, or they can sign up with an outsourced IT provider. There is no perfect solution,

New Cyber Security Threats for 2018 & Beyond

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This year the UK prepares for GDPR, which means being aware of cyber risks is more important than ever before. Data breaches and cyber-attacks will have much more serious consequences for organisations which don’t adequately protect their data. There are many threats from last year which are still widespread, in addition to new ransomware and

Why Small Businesses Need IT Support to match a Small Budget

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Small businesses and SMEs are financially volatile and managing budgets effectively is critical to business survival and success. Small enterprises often have large outgoings and have to invest in marketing to compete with bigger companies. It can be really challenging for SMEs to find affordable services are essential for running a business, such as IT

Reasons to Invest in a New Website in 2018

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If you have a website which is fit for purpose and seems to be doing the job, you might not think that any updates are needed. But what if a professional web developer could unlock the potential in your website and make it even more successful at representing your brand? Web design trends are always

5 Office New Year Resolutions

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As we head into 2018, it’s time to start thinking about setting goals and resolutions for the brand new year ahead. Business owners and CEOs want their companies to become more successful and experience growth year on year, but it’s the small things combined which help us achieve the bigger ambitions in life. With this

How Much does your Business Value Data Security?

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Cyber criminals pose a huge threat to businesses of all sizes – yet few are taking real action to stop them damaging or stealing their data. A data breach or cyber-attack can have a number of repercussions including loss of productivity, large fines and a negative brand image. If the public can’t trust you to

6 Tips for Preparing your Business for Christmas

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Dare we say it… Christmas is almost upon us. Of course many B2C business owners have already been planning for Christmas for months, as it’s the busiest period for many industries. Companies all over the world are gearing up for peak spending season as the festive holidays approach. Ecommerce businesses in particular should be ordering

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