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You never know when a disaster might happen and if you only keep a copy of your backup media “on site” you might be at risk! More and more organisations are now using cloud hosted backup solutions, so that they have a copy of their critical data available online just in case. Having an online copy of your data available can be a life saver. Keeping a copy of your critical data off site is now easier than ever before with online products such as Symantec Backup Exec Cloud, Livedrive and Microsoft Azure. These solutions can be used to complement your existing backup solution and pricing can be surprisingly low.

Hosting your email online gives you the benefit of using Microsoft Exchange Server without the head ache of supporting your own in house server. Migrating your emails to the cloud using Office365 will save you time and money, and moving to Office 365 is not as expensive as you might think. You could be benefiting from shared calendars, contacts and much more. With Office365 you can also subscribe to receive the full Microsoft Office suite and receive free upgrades to the latest versions of software as they come out, all for a simple monthly charge.

Trying to secure an organisation that is connected to the internet 24×7 can often be a daunting challenge. Damage caused by viruses and malware can lead to serious disruption and even wreck a company’s reputation if not managed correctly. We offer a comprehensive range of online products designed to help keep you and your data protected. Our centrally managed anti-virus allows you to protect and monitor your PCs and Servers without the need for complex Servers and software. Company emails can now be passed through anti-spam and antivirus filters online before they have even arrived inside your network, and some of the more advanced systems can keep a backup copy of your emails in the event that your mail servers might fail. We even have a product that can remove malware from your website and fix the dreaded Google “Website Ahead Contains Malware” warning.

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