The forecast for the future of computing is decidedly cloudy with more and more companies seeing for themselves the benefits of moving to Cloud computing. Here’s Pink Chalk’s top six reasons for migrating to the cloud:

1. It’s flexible

Businesses are increasingly needing to provide a 24/7 presence whilst balancing more demands from workers for flexible working arrangements to allow them to improve their work-life balance. Cloud computing simply relies on your workers being able to access the internet to be able to do their jobs – so they can work from anywhere in the world.

2. It encourages collaboration

With software such as SharePoint and Office 365 your employees are actively encouraged to share ideas and collaborate within their teams. Instead of the old-fashioned single-file-with-recorded-changes team members can access the same file and edit it in real time making collaborative efforts simpler and with less room for misunderstandings and confusion.

3. It can be cheaper

Specialist IT staff to maintain your server infrastructure can weigh heavy on your payroll. If you are an SME, you probably no longer need to maintain on-premises servers – instead you can utilise cloud services where you pay for access to what you need and don’t need to pay for all the rest.

4. No more updates

Or to be more precise, no more downtime and migration planning for updates. SaaS means that updates are installed on the cloud servers as soon as they are available so there’s no more waiting for your local IT team to get around to installing the update and no more downtime while they do so.

5. It adds another layer of security

We’re not suggesting you’ll never need to backup ever again but by moving to the Cloud it gives you another location keeping your data secure. Cloud servers are distributed meaning if one goes down you’ll probably never notice.

6. It’s GDPR compliant

It might seem counter-intuitive that moving to the Cloud could make it easier to conform to the privacy requirements of GDPR, but Microsoft Cloud offers all the privacy controls you need to make sure that your business is fully compliant. And products such as Azure have privacy built into their very heart offering you the precise controls you need to ensure you know who has access to your data at any time.

If you want to find out more about Cloud computing or want to plan a migration contact us for a chat about your requirements today.