Project Description

Our goal is to ensure that you are always provided with the highest level of service and support available.


We Take The Stress Out Of Moving Office

Our ‘Anywhere’ office relocation service is a great way to move premises safely and securely for a simple and easy to calculate cost.

It is our goal to make sure that we do everything possible to ensure your move is easy and stress free. We have many years of office relocation experience and have performed office moves for organisations of all sizes.

We offer to manage all aspects of your office move. Our services available include equipment inventories, photographing original desk layouts, equipment labeling, protective packaging, crate packing / unpacking, transportation and post move testing.

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We are here to transform the task of moving office, moving belongings and moving sensitive and delicate IT equipment such as Servers, PCs and other electronic goods into something that is Simple, Secure and Stress Free.

We do everything possible to ensure your move is easy and stress free.


Our “Anywhere” relocation service is designed to keep your office move process as simple as possible.

We will help you select the right size move team for your project and the removal vehicle and packing costs are very easy to calculate.

It only takes 3 simple steps:

  • Select the number of staff required.

  • Choose how long you need a removal vehicle.

  • Calculate your packing costs.

Once these steps are complete you are ready to go. Everything will be scheduled for you. Our team will work with you to arrange building access and have packing materials delivered to you near the time of the move.

How a typical office relocation would be executed:

Listed below is an example of what may be involved during a typical office relocation. This is just a sample of some of the services we can provide help with during your move.

  • Attend site prior to the move and label all IT equipment, take an inventory of the PCs and take photos of each desk and screen layout.

  • All computer equipment is individually wrapped in multiple layers of protective packing.

  • Items are then carefully packed into labelled “Tea Crates” designed for moving Computer equipment.

  • The crates are transferred to the new site location by a professional removal service.

  • A member of the Pink Chalk move team will accompany the items during the transfer process.

  • Equipment will be unpacked and configured at the new location by our friendly move team (using the photos and inventory info taken earlier).

  • Network connectivity and PC functionality checks are carried out to ensure the move was a success.

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