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How Much does your Business Value Data Security?

2021-01-06T13:45:01+00:00By |Articles|

Cyber criminals pose a huge threat to businesses of all sizes – yet few are taking real action to stop them damaging or stealing their data. A data breach or cyber-attack can have a number of repercussions including loss of productivity, large fines and a negative brand image. If the public can’t trust you to

6 Tips for Preparing your Business for Christmas

2021-01-06T13:45:01+00:00By |Articles|

Dare we say it… Christmas is almost upon us. Of course many B2C business owners have already been planning for Christmas for months, as it’s the busiest period for many industries. Companies all over the world are gearing up for peak spending season as the festive holidays approach. Ecommerce businesses in particular should be ordering

Why is IT Support Vital in Big Cities?

2021-01-06T13:45:01+00:00By |Articles|

A strong network of IT support is critical to any business, but especially to those located in densely populated areas. Ever thought what would happen to the City of London if the internet went down? Companies rely heavily on technology to operate, so London businesses and those in other big cities need premium IT services to support

4 Most Dangerous Threats on the Internet Today

2021-01-06T13:45:01+00:00By |Articles|

While the internet is vital for most businesses, it is also a very dangerous place. Every time you go online at home or at work, you are at risk of being infected with a virus or being held hostage by malware. From complex threats curated by hackers to suspicious links leading to dodgy advertisements, online

4 Tips for Creating SEO-Friendly Web Design

2021-01-06T13:45:02+00:00By |Articles|

Any business trying to build website traffic will understand the important of an SEO-friendly design. However, many companies don’t have the knowledge or industry experience to ensure all elements of their site are optimised for search engine optimisation, and many web designers are also unaware of small SEO design mistakes. Designing a website is a difficult enough task

How to Save Money with Business Computer Support

2021-01-06T13:45:02+00:00By |Articles|

When organisations consider ways to cut costs, spending on business services will likely be at the bottom of the list if it’s there at all. After all, you probably won’t see an IT support engineer from your service provider around very often, so it’s easy to forget how important they are to your business. Being

How Cyber Criminals Hack Businesses

2021-01-06T13:45:02+00:00By |Articles|

Cyber security is a hot topic right now, especially as businesses prepare for the new GDPR which could momentously increase fines for affected companies. Research has revealed that UK SMEs were increasingly targeted by cyber criminals in 2016 – up to 230,000 times each. The volume of cyber-attacks experienced by individual businesses doubled during the year, with

IT Support: Contract Plans VS Pay As You Go Support

2021-01-06T13:45:02+00:00By |Articles|

All businesses require some kind of IT support and more companies are starting to rely on outsourced support than ever before. Start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs with small budgets often do not have the need or income for an in-house IT technician, and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) offer an effective alternative. Whether you are having IT

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