As we head into 2018, it’s time to start thinking about setting goals and resolutions for the brand new year ahead. Business owners and CEOs want their companies to become more successful and experience growth year on year, but it’s the small things combined which help us achieve the bigger ambitions in life.

With this in mind, we’ve suggested some office New Year resolutions which ensure businesses start the year as they mean to go on. There is no limit to the amount of resolutions you can apply to the office, so it’s also a good idea to introduce some tailored goals which are personalised to your business and its long term goals. Here are some general ideas for inspiration which can help to boost productivity and staff morale!

1. Improve lighting

Office lighting (and its flaws) become really apparent at this time of year when it’s dark outside for most of the time. Lighting which is too dull or too bright can really affect the wellbeing of the workforce. Update it as necessary and make sure you’re using LED bulbs. Not only will these save money on the energy bill and last longer, but they are the best choice for the environment too.

2. Recycle more

We’re constantly being told we need to recycle more, and at home many of us are. But for some reason, not all companies are enforcing the need to recycle and the good habits at home aren’t replicated at the office. Put up signs reminding people what can be put into recycling bins rather than the general dustbin. Almost everything today can be recycled, including ink cartridges and bulky electrical items. Find your local IT disposal and recycling service next time you are replacing office electrical equipment.

3. Fresh interior design

Breathe new life into the office with some fresh décor. It’s amazing what a little colour can do! When employers make the effort to improve the office and make it a pleasant place to work, employees will work harder and enjoy their time at work. You don’t have to spend a fortune on renovations or an interior designer. Sometimes just adding some artwork or installing plants and fresh flowers around the office can have a huge impact.

4. Improve work life balance

Do you want to run the kind of office where people are encouraged to stay late and miss their children’s bedtime? Now is the time to change the company culture and ensure staff have a good work life balance. In some countries it is now the law that employees can’t answer emails out of work hours. This sounds like a good rule to introduce! You could also allow people to buy extra holidays if they wish or make it a company policy that everybody has their birthday off work. Small changes like this can make you look like an attractive employer!

5. Start a new tradition

Start something totally new for 2018. Whether it’s a weekly baking competition, a raffle, a joke of the day prize or monthly teambuilding sessions, you can really improve company culture with some fun traditions.

Don’t forget you can also ask staff their opinion on how to improve the office environment. Listening to your employees is always a good idea.