How to Keep Your Office Healthy

It’s important for all businesses to keep their workspaces healthy and efficient. Offices need to be kept clean and healthy in more ways than one – from ensuring workspaces are hygienic to keep employees safe and well, to keeping equipment up to date and well maintained. Everything in your office needs to be able to work well, from the staff to the computers.

Here are some top tips from the business experts here at Pink Chalk, to keep offices running smoothly.

Office Design

An efficient and functional office is created at the design stage. Office design is integral to how employees and visitors feel at your place of work, and can also vastly improve performance. For example, a poorly designed workspace can reduce productivity and in some cases cause health issues for the workforce.

In addition to the floor layout, think about where people will work well. Natural light is a must, so make sure staff can spend the majority of their time near a window, and use darker spaces for storage. Another simple way to improve the health of your office is to add greenery. As well as cleaning the air in general, studies have shown plants in workspaces can improve creativity, productivity and wellbeing. So why not invest a little and reap the benefits from your staff?

Tech Support

When it comes to keeping businesses running, you’ll often need an extra pair of hands. Technology and equipment can fail at any time, and if it does, how can your office be productive? Tech support is vital, as is having engineers on hand to deal with any major blackouts. You should also keep up with all maintenance checks and ensure all large equipment is ensured for breakages and failures.

Eating Spaces

You should never allow eating at desks, regardless of how busy your staff are. Working through lunch is a huge no-no for wellbeing. By not having staff eating at their desks, you’ll be preventing crumbs on keyboards, as well as letting their mind switch off so they can be more productive in the afternoon. Create clean and relaxing spaces for people to have their breaks and recharge.

A healthy office and a healthy workforce is a recipe for success – so start today by improving your design and encouraging active lifestyles, too. You’ll get more out of your staff if they are fit and healthy and work in a productive and efficient space.

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