We all experience computer problems sometimes, whether it’s at home or at work. However advanced it is, modern technology isn’t perfect and now and again it fails. Unfortunately, we have to take it as a fact of life that at some point, we’re going to experience problems with our technology, whether it’s a brand new laptop or an old school PC from the 1990s.

IT consultants deal with a myriad of computer problems, and we’ve put together some of the most common issues we help our clients with.

1. Data loss and recovery

Businesses store a lot of data, but some companies don’t have sufficient back-up systems in place. That means that in the event of a power cut or if your network suddenly needs a re-start, you could lose a significant amount of important data. Data loss can be a terrible incident for any business, and it is very difficult to recover files if they are not backed up physically or digitally.

2. Viruses

Cyber security is incredibly important for businesses, yet many are still getting caught out by sophisticated viruses and spyware. Virus removal is a task completed by IT support consultants on a regular basis. Small businesses just don’t realise the extent of the threat, or don’t spend enough on their online security measures.

3. Connectivity issues

There’s nothing more frustrating than having one or more computers which refuse to connect to the internet. There are various things which could be causing this problem, as there could be issues with the router or the computer itself. IT technicians know how to troubleshoot the common problems and get you connected again in no time.

4. Software compatibility

Sometimes your new software just doesn’t want to play ball. It’s a popular problem and nothing to worry about if you have an IT technician to look at the installation for you. However some old hardware will not be compatible with brand new software, so always check specifications before purchasing.

5. Extremely slow running

If your computers are running unbearably slow, it could point to a number of possibilities. You may need to free up some space on the hard drive, perform operating system updates or it could even be a clue that you’ve been infected by spyware. If you’re sick and tired of the frustrating speeds, an IT technician can find the root of the problem.

These are just a few of the popular problems we help clients with on a daily basis. If you need assistance with these or any other IT issue, get in touch.