Small businesses and SMEs are financially volatile and managing budgets effectively is critical to business survival and success. Small enterprises often have large outgoings and have to invest in marketing to compete with bigger companies. It can be really challenging for SMEs to find affordable services are essential for running a business, such as IT support, web hosting and accounting.

Some service providers cater to small businesses but don’t take into account their small budgets. They may advertise competitive pricing, but what use is an affordable service if it is accompanied with a monthly or annual contract? SMEs cannot plan too far ahead into the future, so it is difficult for them to make long term financial commitments. Furthermore, small organisations and service providers often have different ideas of affordable services!

IT support is essential for any office, regardless of its size, because all businesses rely on technology and the internet. That’s why it’s important for SMEs to get the best possible deal and expert advice when it’s required. Here are some tips for small businesses with small budgets to find the right IT support provider.

Outsource IT support

In the majority of cases, it’s always more financially viable to outsource your IT needs rather than hire an in-house technician. Small and medium sized businesses often don’t need an IT expert in the office full time, or even part time, as there are minimal technical issues. It’s cheaper to outsource your IT needs and call a service provider when you need any help, and a technician can visit your site if necessary to resolve any IT issues.

Lose the contract

One of the biggest concerns for small businesses using service providers is signing a contract. Most IT support providers will tie in clients to a contract for a period of time, which could be three months or a year. At Pink Chalk we do things differently and offer a number of packages to support SMEs. You can choose the Pay as You Go Support, which is what it says on the tin! There are no fees for setting up an account and no ongoing contract, you only pay for the hours of support you need. Larger SMEs or businesses which are growing rapidly may choose our Pre-Pay Support package, which helps you reduce and plan ahead for your IT spend.


Small budget? At Pink Chalk, small budgets are not a problem. Talk to our friendly team today to discuss your options.