You probably know that your website itself is pretty important for your online success. But did you know that the design of that website is also very important, from more than an aesthetic point of view? Far too many companies rush into designing a website without thinking about the impact it could have on the business. From how it reflects your branding image to how it influences the conversion rate, web design is more significant than many business owners realise.

So before you try and create your own website without any design experience, or choose the cheapest agency around, think about how valuable your website is to your business. Here are some of the reasons why web design is such a crucial element.

First Impressions Matter

For many consumers, especially if you’re exclusively an ecommerce business, your website will be the first thing they have to judge you on. Within just a few seconds, they would have made up their mind about the company and whether they want to buy from it. With this in mind, having an appealing design which suits your target audience is vital, or you could be losing out on custom. First impressions matter, so make sure your web design is giving the right impression of your business.

Design Features Impact Rankings

Various design elements on a website can directly impact its search rankings. It’s important to remember that sometimes the best looking website isn’t always the most SEO-friendly – it’s all about finding the right balance. To ensure your site is favourably to search engines, you should make sure it has a responsive design, and a design that isn’t overcomplicated and affects loading times. Each design feature could potentially influence your rankings, so there is a proven relationship between SEO and web design.

Building Trust Leads to Conversion

The primary reason for most websites is conversion – whether it’s making a sale or getting people to sign up for something. Bear in mind that businesses have to build trust with consumers before they are persuaded to convert, and web design plays a huge part in building virtual trust. Various features can also impact the conversion rate, such as ease of navigation and how the calls to action are displayed.

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