Despite the fact that all businesses need some kind of IT support, many are putting the company at risk by neglecting this area of expertise. The primary reason is because a lot of business owners are misled about the costs of IT support packages, and presume they can leave it at the bottom of the priority list. Unfortunately, disregarding IT support can have unfortunate consequences and actually cost businesses more in the long term.

For example, are you aware of the cost implications of downtime for your company? How much revenue would you lose if you had IT problems for an hour or a full day? What would the impact be on your business reputation if customers couldn’t get in contact with you?

In reality, you don’t want to find out how much an emergency like this could damage your company. But it is worth knowing, and taking action to prevent any IT or communications issues.

The Alternative to Hiring an IT Technician

Many small and medium sized businesses simply can’t afford to hire an IT department or a technician. It may not be an option to have an IT professional within the company, however there is a more cost effective way of making sure your computer systems stay up and running.

By outsourcing your IT support requirements, you benefit from having experts on hand 24/7, without the cost of a full time employee. Whenever you need IT support you have a resource pool of IT professionals who can help remotely or visit your office to fix the problem. An IT support company could also offer advice when it comes to system upgrades or new software, to improve your IT services.

There is a common misconception that IT technicians and IT support companies are expensive, and therefore a luxury for most SMEs. However, with a variety of support packages to choose from, we believe Pink Chalk offers an affordable solution.

IT Support Packages

It can be difficult to predict how much IT support you’ll require over a year – so it’s understandable that many businesses don’t want to be paying the full whack and be tied into a contract. At Pick Chalk we offer a range of options which lets you choose the type of IT support for you can afford.

We even offer ‘Pay As You Go’ support options, which works exactly as it sounds – you don’t need to worry about signing a contract and you’ll only pay for the support when you need it.

Find out more about our budget friendly IT support packages today.