You will be hard pressed to find a business which doesn’t have an IT technician or an IT services company available on call. Without an IT professional most companies would struggle, however most people are unaware as to the responsibilities IT technicians have and the jobs they do on a regular basis.

If you wonder what sort of tasks technicians take on from day to day, take a look at some of the common problems they resolve. An IT technician must be versatile and have a range of skills to take on any technology related issues. 

Fix and Service Equipment

An IT technician does not only deal with complex computer systems and networks – they will also be responsible for looking after communications and audio-visual equipment . They are the first point of call should equipment not be working correctly. The technician must identify the problem and resolve it as soon as possible, so the business can continue to work. They should be able to fix the majority of issues and will monitor and service the systems to help prevent problems occurring in the first place. A technician will also run updates on computer systems to ensure they are as secure and efficient as possible. A typical office will have a lot of technology to keep up and running, including items such as servers, desktops, laptops, mobile phones, phones systems (e.g. PBX and VoIP phones), printers and photocopiers.

Setting up New Systems

In addition to keeping the entire office up and running, an IT technician will also be required to set up new systems when needed. From replacing servers to installing new software on all computers, the IT technician will fully manage the project to an agreed timescale.

Advice and Recommendations

In addition to dealing with problems as they arise, an IT support professional will be actively looking for ways to improve internal operations. If the current hardware is too slow or  if they know of software which could improve productivity, a technician will notify the business manager and make recommendations. If a problem keeps occurring, you can work with the IT technician and get advice.

Training Staff

The IT team will also help ensure that all staff have a good knowledge of the business systems. When installing new software or hardware they will help train staff to use it. IT technicians are also available to answer staff questions or run training sessions should employees need assistance.

If you need an IT technician but do not want to hire someone full time perhaps consider an IT support package from an IT support provider?