Many companies decide to relocate to a new building at this time of year, when the office is generally a bit quieter than usual. It gives businesses plenty of time to organise the space and get operations back to normal before the holiday season rush. Moving office is a great opportunity to declutter and invest in some brand new furniture and equipment if needed. After all, you have a fresh workspace to decorate so why not take advantage of the excuse to indulge in new everything?!

Obviously moving to a new office can be quite stressful, but it’s also an opportunity to cleanse the business of what it no longer needs. It’s hard to find the time to clear out those filing cabinets and get rid of the broken photocopier – but moving to a new premises ensures that you get all of those odd jobs done.

Moving any IT equipment is tricky – it is fragile so great care needs to be taken when transporting it, but it’s also difficult to set back up in the new office. There are so many computers and wires…which order did they go in again?! It’s a good idea to have an IT relocation expert on board who has the knowledge to set up the servers, networks and computers once again. Alternatively, it could be time to ditch the current IT equipment and replace it with new technology.

When do I need new IT equipment?

Every business kit needs an upgrade at some point, but how do you know when computer systems needs replacing? If you rely heavily on technology then it’s really important that your IT systems are reliable, and the age of the equipment plays a factor in reliability. If you find your systems are running too slow and you can’t remember the last time you invested in the IT equipment, then that’s a sure fire sign that you could do with new hardware. Moving to a new business premises gives you the chance to replace any kit which is looking tired.

Safe IT Disposal

If you decide that now is the time to buy new kit, then you’ll need to make sure you dispose of your old IT equipment safely and responsibly. Electronic equipment is subject to specific waste laws so companies have a legal obligation to work with IT disposal and recycling providers. You may also need to consider data destruction services before sending the IT equipment to be recycled or safely discarded.


A new office can lead to new IT equipment – just make sure you arrange proper disposal of your old computers.