When moving your business to another location, it’s difficult to avoid stress. There is so much to coordinate from IT relocation to buying extra furniture for the new office, and without extensive planning things can quickly go wrong.

The most important thing when moving office is to make the relocation as efficient as possible. You want your business to experience minimum disruption and your staff to get settled in their new place of work as quickly as possible. With the help of an office relocation company, moving office is made easy. Here are some steps to take which ensure a smooth, hassle-free move. 

Take photographs before you pack up

Moving office is very different to moving house so ideally you want to re-create the same desk layout in your new location. This will make staff feel comfortable again quickly so they can get on with their jobs. Sometimes equipment has to be set up in a certain order too, so it’s a good idea to take photographs of your old office before you start packing and moving everything. When unpacking at the new place, if you can’t remember what order everything goes in then you can refer to the photographs.

Get help from IT experts

For many businesses, moving office is a headache simply because of the logistics of moving servers and IT equipment. Technology can be temperamental and setting it up in a new place can bring a multitude of problems. Rather than try and tackle this yourself or with one IT technician, why not hire expert help from an IT relocation company?

Prepare new premises

Well ahead of moving furniture and people to your new location, you want the new premises to be suitable and comfortable. It might need a fresh coat of paint or new carpets for example to help it look its best. As most office relocations are to a bigger premises, you might also need to invest in more equipment, furniture, signage and decorative pieces.

Get staff on board

Moving office is a huge task, and even if you have the help of a professional removals company you’ll still need your staff to pitch in. Have a meeting with the workforce to answer any questions and make sure they all know their role in the move. Remember that some people will always resist change, so make the office relocation as exciting as possible and point out the great lunch spots or coffee shops nearby.

Don’t let moving office be a bigger headache than it needs to be.