Living in London is notoriously expensive – and running a business in the city is also costly. Of course, enterprises in London tend to charge more for their services but that’s because they have higher business costs including rent, and they also have to pay their staff more than workers in other parts of the UK. Because the cost of living in the capital is so high, there is a London living wage which is higher than the calculation for anywhere else in the UK.

Setting up a small business in London is hard work, especially because business services can be so expensive. London companies pay a higher price for everything from commercial cleaning to IT support. These services are essential for running a business, so getting them at the lowest price is crucial for balancing the books.

Types of IT Support

First it’s important to understand the different types of IT support services which are available. The type you will need depends on the category of business. For example, if you have a small café which doesn’t require an online store or a lot of connected computers, than you will need minimal IT support. If you own a company which is more reliant on technology and your internet connection, or store lots of important data, then you will require an extra level of IT support.

In most cases, small and medium sized businesses are better off using an IT services provider than hiring an in-house IT technician. You probably won’t have a lot of work for a full time employee, but need the peace of mind that there is someone available on-call at all times should anything go wrong.

Additionally, different service companies may offer different levels of IT support. For example if you only require a handful of services rather than a full package, there may be a discounted rate. If you think you will only use the support a couple of times a year, there may be a package with a maximum number of call-outs which is more cost effective.

Pay as you go Support

The problem with using business services is there is usually a contract involved. Multiple monthly contracts soon add up, and SMEs can struggle to pay all of their providers when sales are low. It’s good to find specialist small business providers, such as Pink Chalk, who offer affordable alternatives. For example, the Pay as you go Support option means businesses will only ever get invoiced for the support they have received. What is the point in paying a contract each month when you haven’t required the services? There is no contract involved and no upfront fees, but you can enjoy the same professional IT service.

You should also seek out service providers which have a price guarantee – make sure you always get the best value for money.