How to be a Greener Business

Spring is here – and there’s never a better time to spring clean those business ethics. Wouldn’t you like to reap the benefits of becoming a more sustainable and eco-friendly organisation? You might think it’s a great idea but costs too much – however there are plenty of ways to implement environmental friendly procedures in the workplace that don’t break the bank. Most of them are really simply changes, such as switching light bulbs to LEDs. Prove to the world that your company culture has saving the planet at its core. Here are some ideas for greening up your business.

Do Business with Sustainable Companies

If you want to improve your eco image, then you need to make sure that your green credentials extend to your supply chain. Seek out suppliers who invest in environmental issues or have chosen to replace their packaging with sustainable options. It’s really simple to ask business partners and suppliers what they are doing to reduce their carbon footprint.

Use Recycled Products

So much of what you use in the office will end up in landfill, when it could be made of recycled material. Recycled stationery and other products are generally easy to buy and can really boost your eco-friendly message.

Recycle Your Electrics

Imagine how many computers, printers and other commercial electrics are disposed of every single day across the world. Yes, sometimes they need replacing but we can’t go on creating this much waste as our landfills can’t cope. The law says you must hire a responsible handler to dispose of WEEE products – but you can also recycle many parts. Find out if there is a local company specialising in the recycling of waste electrical before you upgrade your equipment.

Educate Your Staff

If you’re putting a lot of energy into boosting your green efforts, then make sure your staff are on board too. Don’t just tell your customers – tell the entire company. Green initiatives such as recycling and reusing won’t be effective unless the workforce is aware of them, and understand why they are needed.

Get Affiliated

Depending on which environmental projects you support or how you have promoted sustainability within your business, you may be able to get affiliated with a green society or organisation. There’s no harm in seeing if you’re eligible for a logo which will help consumers recognise you as a green business.

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