Support services are crucial to small businesses, as they rely on outsourcing to function properly. With most business transactions relying on IT in today’s digital world, perhaps the most important service is IT support. Choosing a reliable service provider can be difficult, because you won’t know if a company is unreliable until you experience a major problem.

Failing to have an IT support system in place or choosing the wrong provider can have a negative impact on your business. What happens when your website goes down and your IT services company take 24 hours to respond? What would you do if a piece of software you need for business operations crashed? These issues can lead to lost revenue and a bad reputation.

Read on to see how the IT support team you choose can have an effect on your brand.

Reliability for your customers

Every business wants to be reliable and deliver as promised to its customers. However, in order to be a reliable business you have to depend on reliable suppliers and service providers – it’s a connecting chain.  Therefore there is a chain reaction when your stock arrives late, your web host goes offline or your delivery partner can’t deliver on time. The same can be said about IT support; if the support is unreliable then your business becomes unreliable too.

Increase productivity and output

The majority of businesses depend on IT equipment to get the job done. It might be simple data input tasks or the entire business operation may rely on certain software or technology. By having dependable IT support on hand, companies can make sure output is always at an optimum. Any problems with technology mean employees can’t do their jobs properly. If the problem is fixed as soon as possible, productivity will increase and output shouldn’t be too badly affected.

Expertise and Advice

Choosing the right IT support services company can do more than help you when things go wrong. As specialists in their field, they can offer expertise and advice which can help improve your business. For example, if you’re using an out of date software or you need to tighten online security, your IT support team will let you know. They can help you take preventative measures to stop issues occurring in the first place, rather than just being on call to fix IT problems.

How reliable is your IT support? We offer a try before you buy service with a free half day of support – so why not see whether we’re as dependable as we say we are?