Business software is developing at a rapid rate, which means each year gets more and more exciting for IT professionals like us. As we work across many different sectors, we are familiar with lots of different software programs, and developers are always bringing out updated versions which are faster and more efficient. We supply a number of software options for businesses, charities and educational organisations and stay ahead of the curve in exciting new developments. With this in mind, take a look at some of this new software which will be available this year.

QuickBooks Accounting Software Premier 2017 and Premier Plus 2017

Manage your own business accounts? Then you’ll need specialised software to keep on track of financial reporting. This new model brings a range of new features to make running your business easier in 2017. It offers automated reports with filters so you can see what you’re looking for easily, and even has tasks which are unique to different business models such as retail or not for profits.

SQL Server for Linux

We have long been providing Microsoft SQL Server for Windows computers, but the good news is that the software giants have announced they will be bringing out a version for Linux in 2017. The core functions will be available on this platform, and as Linux operating system is free this may offer cost benefits for many businesses.

Office 365 Improvements

Almost all businesses and education providers use Office 365 for daily tasks. In the New Year, Microsoft have announced some improvements to programs such as Word and One Note. Personalised reading preferences are coming, such as read aloud functions with simultaneous highlighting with the ability to split words into syllables – many of these new features would be great in a classroom or training environment.

Adobe Creative Suite Improvements

If you’re subscribed to the Creative Cloud then you’ll notice a few improvements in the range of design apps across the year. Photoshop gets a shiny new search tool to help you find your projects and tools faster, and you now have the option of using stock templates to get you started. One of the most exciting developments is on Premiere Pro, and focuses on virtual reality. With VR only a few years away from taking off, your business could create VR content with this piece of software.

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