2017 is here, and if you’re planning for business success throughout the year then this is probably a good time to set some company resolutions. A time for reflection, the New Year can bring perspective and help people feel motivated for the months ahead. There is never a better time to set goals and write down your aspirations – but it’s really important to stick to them for the entire twelve months.

Whether your company is decades old or you have just launched a small start-up, business resolutions are a must. To get you started, we’ve put together some inspiration for the types of objectives you might want to set for the company.

Allocate more time to business planning

When it comes to evaluating the business as a whole and planning for the uncertain times ahead, many companies have an annual meeting. This is surely not regular enough, especially when markets are moving so fast and political uncertainty is affecting the world’s industries. Make sure you take time out of the daily tasks involved of running the business to gain perspective, even if it’s just you alone. Set time aside each week to review and adjust if needed, which will lead to business growth.

Connect with local businesses

Especially when just starting out, it really helps to have a few partnerships with local businesses. You can help promote one another and you never know where it might lead. You could hire local services for cleaning and IT support, or sell some handmade products which are produced in your area.

Appreciate your staff

Many managers and business owners take their staff for granted, most of the time because they are simply too busy to say thank you or offer a well-earned reward. Employees who feel undervalued become unproductive, disengaged and you may well find them moving on to a business which appreciates them more. Remember to make your workforce happy to be working for your company.

 Take ‘me’ time

This one is really important, even though it applies to a company owner or director rather than the business itself. A business cannot function properly or grow to its potential if its leader is overworked, overtired or stressed. It is difficult to find time for yourself, but you should learn to leave the company in the capable hands of someone you trust – even just for a day or two. If you don’t create a healthy work life balance, it could be a disaster for the business in the future.

What company resolutions will you be making for 2017? Let us know.