London is the business capital of Europe, with thousands of new businesses emerging in the city every year. Commercial office space is expensive but necessary for most business operations, so it’s not always an easy ride for British start-ups. Launching a new office in London certainly isn’t a simple process, but it’s a challenge welcomed by businesses small and large.

If you’ve decided to take the leap and expand your office, or start a brand new business, we have some important tips to follow. From choosing the right location to having a good online presence, this guide will set you on the path to success in London.

Location, location, location

London is a huge place – so the options are endless when choosing the location of your new office. However, you should really consider the area of London before picking the cheapest or easiest option. There is no ‘best place’ to set up a business, as the most suitable area will depend on your industry and products/services. It may be helpful to set up alongside other companies in the sector, or it might be better to stay away from the competition. Also consider public transport options if you’ll be having clients visiting the office, and the reputation of the neighbourhood.

Building maintenance

Once your brand new office is good to go, you want to keep it looking clean and professional at all times. You’ll need a skilled maintenance team to take care of any building issues – depending on the type of commercial space you’re renting, you could already have access to a maintenance department in the building. Otherwise, you should probably outsource this or hire someone as and when issues arise.

IT support

Every business relies on some sort of IT equipment to function. Your office could have one computer or one hundred, and you will still require the skills of an IT professional. First of all you’ll need all networks setting up securely. Then, if anything goes wrong with the servers of equipment, who will you call to fix the problem as quickly as possible? With Pay as You Go IT Support, new businesses can benefit from top quality IT experts without the commitment of an expensive contract.

Stay online

While you’re focusing on the new premises, don’t forget that your website and other online platforms are still your biggest marketing tool. Tell all your customers and visitors about your new office and share images when it’s looking finished. To survive in London, you’ll need to be ranking high on search engines as well as having a base in the capital.

If you’re moving existing equipment into a new London office, you could also take advantage of our office relocation service.