Moving to a new office is one of the most stressful times for any company, especially when you’re trying to keep your business running. If an office relocation is poorly managed, it can be more hassle than necessary and take much longer than it should. More importantly, prolonging an office move can put serious strain on business operations, and even lead to loss of clients or customers. Get it right, and you’ll be enjoying your new space in no time. Here are some expert tips for office relocation in London.

Appoint a relocation manager

If you have an office manager in place, then they should be able to take care of the big move. Otherwise, you need to choose somebody who can coordinate and manage the process, from packing everything up to preparing the new site. Most relocations will include a number of third party office relocation services too, so the relocation manager can be the first point of contact for them.

Don’t leave servers until last

When you move to a different building, it’s easy to focus on moving the physical stuff – equipment, furniture, files. However it’s also important to think about the technical side of the move, which will include your IT servers and internet connection. If you have an IT team then hopefully it will all go without a hitch – otherwise, ask an expert how moving could affect the business.

Have a floor plan

Going into an empty office blind and unprepared will make moving day much more stressful. If you think about the floor plan beforehand, you’ll be able to direct staff to their workplaces and get them to set up everything they need. You’ll also see where you’ll have space to buy some new furniture or create new areas in the office.

Pack logically

Packing is important. You need to use suitable packing materials and try to pack in the same way as you pack to move house – the least important things go in the boxes at the back, which don’t need to be emptied right away. Group everything together and then decide on its importance – what equipment will you need to set up first? Which files and cabinets need to be set up so staff can still do their job?

Communicate with your team

Office relocation isn’t just about moving the business essentials and equipment – you’re also relocating your team of staff. They may not feel positive about moving, and resistant to help pack and unpack boxes. You should keep them updated with all relocation information and let them know what is expected of them throughout the move. Give them time to ask questions and voice any concerns, and have a team meeting in the new office as soon as possible to create a good atmosphere.

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