If you’re managing an SME, there are many business aspects that you’ll have to make a certain decision on – should you hire an in-house specialist or outsource your needs? From HR to computing, you might not be able to afford standalone departments as you are still growing, but the business still has the requirements.

IT installation and support is a vital area for many businesses, especially service providers with a requirement for various equipment and networks. For most small to medium businesses, outsourcing IT support is the most viable option – here are five reasons why.

Professional management

Managing an IT infrastructure can be costly and difficult when done internally. When hiring an IT support company, you’ll benefit from years of expertise and effective management of your entire networks and systems. Even though you are outsourcing, you’ll have an account manager available to fix any problems efficiently and offer advice. There will be someone on call 24/7 for emergencies which is another advantage over a dedicated IT manager.

Cost reduction

Arguably the biggest advantage of outsourcing anything is the cost effectiveness. Recruiting an in-house technician or IT manager is incredibly expensive, and you’ll also need to worry about annual holidays and sick days with nobody to cover the role. For many businesses, a full time staff member or IT department is just not affordable. Outsourcing your needs to a reliable IT solutions agency can be a budget-friendly option which also offers results. Pink Chalk even offers pre-pay and pay as you go options if businesses don’t want to commit to a monthly contract.

Expert advice

By choosing third party IT management, you can benefit from highly skilled professionals without having to invest in their training and development. IT specialists from support companies will be fully qualified and stay up to date with industry best practices and new software. This will complement your in-house expertise and make sure you offer your customers the very latest IT developments.


Company needs can change drastically, which can be a problem when it comes to infrastructure and staffing. When outsourcing your IT needs, it is incredibly easy to scale up or down without affecting the business. If you need more or less software or support hours, the IT solutions company can easily adapt.

Focus on running the business

IT problems can strike at any time, and cause huge issues for any size business. When you have an IT support company on board, you can rest assured knowing that downtime will be minimal and there will be no time wasted trying to resolve IT issues. You and your employees can focus on your jobs.