Office space can be tight and expensive – especially in London. Companies change and expand, and its base needs to adapt with it. With this in mind, it is rare that a small to medium enterprise will stay in the same building for a long period of time. Whether a business outgrows a building or it locates a more suitable and efficient space, moving to a different office can bring a wealth of opportunities.

There are many reasons why a business move is a good idea. Here are some of the top warning signs you may need to look around for a new space.

The office is becoming overcrowded

When you first started using the space, everyone had a full desk to themselves and there was always a seat in the kitchen. Now, there are so many employees that it’s feeling a bit cramped. If the meeting rooms are always busy and you could use some extra space, it could be that you’ve outgrown your current office. If it’s not possible to expand where you are, the most convenient option is to find a larger office to suit the business needs.

The overheads are too expensive

You may have the opposite problem – too much space. If the overheads are eating into your profit, ask if you really need this office. Is there a space which is smaller and cheaper, which would serve the business better? You could even think about asking some staff to work from home in order to downsize and cut costs.

You need a better impression for clients

Many businesses share buildings, with multi-purpose spaces in the capital becoming popular. However, shared offices doesn’t always give clients the best impression. At some point, companies will feel the need to branch out on their own and have an entire building, or at least an entire floor, to themselves.

Access requirements could be improved

Here we refer to access in two ways – firstly, is getting to the office an effort? For staff and for clients, there should be easy public transport links. If the nearest tube or train station has an extended planned closure, you may wish to move elsewhere. Secondly, does the building have access for the less abled? Not all buildings have lifts and ramps, and it is worth considering the impact this could have on visitors.

Office relocation isn’t as scary as it sounds – speak to us today to see how we can help.