To function effectively, most businesses need a range of computer programs, from the basics to industry specific software. Departments may have their own programs, such as accounting or HR specific software, while other staff could do their job with a standard laptop and Microsoft Office. Here at Pink Chalk our software experts can recommend and supply all the programs you’ll need. We’ve put together a list of the essential computer programs to get you started.

Microsoft Office

The latest version of Microsoft Office is a must have for all home and office computers. Create standard documents on Word, crunch the figures in Excel or Access and design that winning presentation in PowerPoint. Microsoft Office is a powerful and versatile tool that just keeps on giving, which is why it’s top of the list of our essential programs.

Internet Browser

How much do you rely on the internet throughout your working day? Often, you’ll have the browser open all day with multiple tabs and various other programs will need internet access to be effective. That’s why choosing a suitable browser program is important. Gone are the days most computers had Internet Explorer and no other choice for browsing the web. We can’t recommend one program as being better than all the rest, as it depends on your operating system and how you use the net. Browsers compatible with most applications include Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Symantec Antivirus

If your computers are connected to the internet then it is critical that you have the market leading antivirus software. Virtual threats are growing every day, and you need to make sure by law that you have taken measures to protect business and consumer data. You also need to prevent viruses from causing downtime. We recommend Symantec Endpoint Protection which offers a comprehensive shield against online threats.

Adobe Acrobat

The Adobe Acrobat software family will definitely make your job easier. PDFs are now an essential part of business, whether it’s e-signing a contract or sending an invoice. The world’s leading PDF solution will allow you to create, convert and sign documents on any device – making doing business online a breeze.

Get set up with these programs and your networks will be ready to go. If you have any further questions about the software we supply just get in touch.