3 Ways Pink Chalk can Help you Prepare for GDPR

If you haven’t yet started preparing for the GDPR, then you haven’t got much time left. The new EU set of regulations come into action on 25th May 2018, and there are some big changes which means businesses need to act fast to stay compliant. The General Data Protection Regulation replaces the current Data Protection laws in this country. If organisations don’t take steps to ensure they are complying with the new regulation they could face a crippling financial penalty.

It’s important that businesses of all sizes understand the new regulations and follow official guidance. Companies may need to change how they ask consent to store personal data, and improve security measures to prevent data hacks and breaches. For an overview of the new law and an introduction of the steps you should take to remain compliant, read the ICO’s Preparing for the GDPR document.

When it comes to keeping sensitive data in the right hands, you may need to enlist the help of IT professionals. Many small businesses don’t have an IT team or even a full time technician who can help implement the necessary changes. In this instance, you can turn to your IT services provider and trust them with the task of improving security. Here are three ways the Pink Chalk support team can help you prepare for GDPR.

Recommend, Install and Configure Security Software

You might need to invest in more stringent security or anti-virus software to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks or encrypt sensitive or personal data. Once the GDPR comes into force, organisations will have to prove they have taken reasonable steps to protect the data they hold. Pink Chalk can recommend and supply industry standard commercial software including encryption, anti-virus and malware protection tools which are in line with the stricter GDPR guidelines. Pink Chalk can also install advanced security and firewall solutions and that will help ensure your systems can identify threats.

Data Management

Managing your data properly is essential and can be a life-saver for many businesses in the event data is stolen by a hacker. We can assist with analysis and risk assessments, as well as help you find the ideal backup and encryption solutions for your business.

Ongoing Support

It may take a while to get used to the new GDPR, and you may not be sure if your business is fully compliant. The best thing about having an IT support provider is that they are available whenever you need them. If you need a technician on-site to solve a problem or if you just need to ask a quick question, the Pink Chalk team are always happy to help. As IT support professionals we stay educated about industry changes, so we are fully up to speed with GDPR and can help advise our clients on compliance.

We’re ready to help our existing and new clients prepare for GDPR – call us today.

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