Running a business and keeping the accounts in good form is a difficult task. Cash flow issues can be a huge problem for small businesses, and if you have too many monthly outgoings then you’ll constantly be in the red. Managing a business budget means making tough decisions – from cutting staff members to switching suppliers. When running an SME you can’t always afford all of the services and staff that you require.

Many small businesses are often torn between offering the best possible service and value to customers at a high cost, and lowering quality in order to keep within the budget. However all businesses require some sort of support services, from cleaning to marketing – the key is finding providers without long contracts.

Why you shouldn’t abandon IT support

As far as office services go, arguably the most important is IT support. If you don’t have the budget for an IT department or a full time in-house IT technician, then you need an IT support company on hand. Think about what happens to your company if your server fails or all of your computers get a virus. IT support is always worth the expense, as it can rescue your business in times of need. When technology fails, you lose revenue by the minute, so you need an efficient support service to resume operations.

Avoid contracts

Because budgets are difficult to manage, it’s favourable to try and avoid contracts at all costs. Many service providers require minimum contracts, anywhere from three months to three years, and this can be a risky move for small or medium enterprises. Shop around for a company which has alternative payment options, a company which understands the needs of small businesses. At Pink Chalk we offer different packages, including pre-paid support and pay as you go support. This way, you’ll only ever pay for the support you actually use.

Maximum support, minimum cost

Some IT support providers go above and beyond to ensure they offer value for money – actively seek out these service providers. You can keep your IT costs down by choosing a company that has a lowest price promise. If you ever get quoted a cheaper price for the same service, you can challenge your current provider.

Many businesses have to choose which support services they can afford and which they can do without. IT support it vital for all businesses and fitting it into your budget is achievable if you find the right provider.